Peruvian Pink Opal Necklace - 18”

These beautiful Peruvian Pink Opals in round cut rondelles capture everything we love about pink opals and are magical against the skin. Bright Coral seed beads are strung in between the opals to add warmth and cheer.

Finished with a gold filled magnet clasp.

Measures 18" total length long.

Made in Northern California

The Pink Opal is a variety of opal gemstone which is impervious and which does not depict the fire elements as other precious opals do. The hue of this beautiful gemstone ranges from bright baby pink to pink white and lavender. 

It is referred to as a stone of inspiration as it provides inspiration and motivates to bring out the best version of oneself. It enhances the creativity, imagination and memory of an individual by eradicating all the negative thoughts from an individual’s mindset.


  • $150.00