Autumn Collection

Bring renewed energy and embrace the changing seasons with the rich colors of Autumn. We celebrate the dramatic transformation in nature and the powerful experience it brings to all our senses. The Autumn collection aims to capture the visual and textural power. We have incorporated new stones into the collection to showcase the juxtaposition of intense sparkle with deep matte surfaces. The Autumn palette expresses a range of seasonal emotions. Colors like Clay, Rose Dust, and Marsala evoke comfort and warmth. Dragon Fire, Pepper Red, and Galactic Cobalt allow us to feel fearless and bold. Our longing for the unexpected is satisfied with hints of Spicy Mustard, Persian Jewel, and Digital Lavender. The serenity and consistency of shades of blue are represented in new hues like Polar Night, Blue Frost, and Ocean Teal. New neutrals such as Arctic Wolf White, Otter Green, Chicory Coffee, and Autumn Blond allow for a seamless transition.